Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog! Now, I am not sure what a blog is, but I felt absolutely compelled to have one.

“BLOG”! The sound of the word reminds me of bitter ale that one would consume for medicinal purposes … somewhere between Jagermeister and Guinness and equally as therapeutic.

Or, it could also be a grotesque middle earth creature so-named because of the guttural noise it makes when it sniffs out and finally finds a prized truffle.

From what I gather, however; blogging is the modern way to publish oneself at every given moment. What an absolute boon for those of us taken up with our own verbosity! We’ve come a long way from chapbooks and vanity presses. Progress is truly grand!

So “the blog” is where you will find me. I shall remain here in my blog hut, consuming my blog grub, and commenting on blog topics. My daily task includes the transcription of ordinary things which, with the healthy intervention of introspection and hardened creativity, can become absolutely extraordinary.

We BLOG. We TWIT. We have BOOKS with FACES and SPACES of our OWN. Who would have ever imagined this.

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